The official ABAP programming guidelines provide clarity and security by PDF ( 9 MB), EPUB (4 MB), and MOBI file (9 MB) for download, DRM-free with. Official ABAP™ Programming Guidelines. Bonn Boston . Which Guidelines Are Involved Here? ABAP Objects as a Programming Model. The official ABAP Programming Guidelines were presented at TechEd in The compliance with these guidelines should be a given for a.

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2 PROGRAMMING GUIDELINES. 8. Naming conventions. 8. Namespace. 8. A standardized and readable source code: Pretty. Policy Statement on SAP Standard Objects. External ABAP Program Elements . .. Table 2 – Programming Standards Definitions. . Documentation Workflow Processor stores the official copy of this document in the. Documentum. Sappress Official Abap Programming Guideline - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

EE Called program execution In the called program execution. Section 6. Internal and External Procedure Calls. Select the Appropriate Program Type To select the program type. Dialog transactions. EE For the implementation of completed functionality that is not supposed to be dis- played in the class library.

You must select the program type taking into account the technical attributes of a program mentioned here and the requirements on the program execution. EE If an execution is required within the scope of a background processing. EE No new module pools and type groups are supposed to be created any longer. The following list further describes the specific aspects: Not all mentioned program types can still be used reasonably for new developments.

EE The program type. Details The hierarchy provided in Rule 3. The dialog modules of the function group called by the dynpro flow logic should basically contain method calls only. EE To implement closed functionality that is not supposed to be called via a method call but instead by using a transaction code.

EE Programs with a classical dynpro interface or selection screens as far as they should still be required. This program type is suitable because it can contain both classical dynpros and an external func- tional interface in the form of function modules.

Because subroutines. The implementation will be carried out only via local classes. Subrou- tine pools were — as the name suggests — originally intended for subroutines that were called from other programs.

EE For update function modules. Adhere to the SoC Principle. EE An executable program includes several event blocks that are executed when the various reporting events occur. The implementation of the actual functionality.

The call is done either via a method call or an OO transaction if you want a standalone program execution. For this reason you should not create any new module pools.

Executable programs should only be used where they are technically required. The same applied to the global storage of constants. This includes: Note In cases in which you still use program types other than class and interface pools.

Official ABAP Programming Guidelines

Declaration of Data Types and Constants. EE The type group program type was initially implemented as a workaround because occasionally it was not possible to define any types for internal tables in the ABAP Dictionary. The event block of the initial event. In this case. EE The module pool used to be the program type. For this reason. As discussed in Chapter 2. Both gaps have been closed in the meantime.

Extended Program Check to implement the same more stringent syntax check for the program components. Sec- tion 2. Details Different behaviors or check severities are only provided for compatibility reasons to keep existing programs compilable and executable. New programs should not use obsolete settings by any means. On a Unicode system. Rule Rule 3. EE Logical database For connecting an executable program with a logical database.

Unicode programs. Only when the Unicode checks are activated can you ensure that the program can be exe- cuted both in Unicode systems and in non-Unicode systems and that it provides the same results.

EE When you create a new program. EE Fixed point arithmetic For considering the decimal separator in operations with packed numbers. Once the program attributes are set. ABAP Editor. Function Builder.

You define the program attributes when you create a program using the corre- sponding tool Class Builder. Accept the Standard Settings for Program Attributes Set the program attributes for new programs as follows: The programs provided by SAP are usually Unicode programs.

This attribute must never be reset. If the calculation is sup- posed to be carried out with packed numbers without any decimal places.

For obso- lete or problematic language constructs. Logical databases should no longer be used because they are based on the cross-program use of global data. The following sections assume that you only work with the activated Unicode check and the fixed point arithmetic and without the logical databases. EE When you create a new executable program. Via this attribute.

A logical database includes a hierarchical structure. Particularly for attributes that influence the syntax check currently the Unicode check you should always decide for the highest possible check sever- ity to be well prepared for subsequent. Because a subsequent change to the program attributes potentially involves change- over effort. You should no longer create new logical databases.

If the fixed point arithmetic is deactivated. The activation of the Unicode checks only provides benefits for the developer.

Casting of the subarea takes place for the type c. Bad Example Figure 3. A live program must not contain such code by any means. Obsolete Language Constructs. Accept the Standard Settings for Program Attributes. The result in the components depends on the alignment gaps.

They are only mentioned briefly within the list of the obsolete language elements see Appendix A. Figure 3. This usually results in erroneous data or runtime errors that are difficult to reproduce. Accept the Stan- dard Settings for Program Attributes. If it is possible to statically determine them.

Unwanted subfield accesses are prohibited just like any other unwanted accesses to structures or other parts of the working memory. EE In case of a multilingual staff assignment of the development groups. All texts of the development object.

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EE the original language of all development objects is either a language that all people involved understand. EE In case of a unilingual staff assignment of all development groups that partici- pate in a project. EE or the original language of the development objects in individual parts of the project is based on the native language of the developers that mainly work on these parts multilingual development.

The creation of the texts in other languages is implemented in a translation process. This is done implicitly using the current logon language. Details When you determine the original language. Developers may create their development objects only in the original language determined for the respective project or for a subproject in exceptional cases.

The first reason usually out- weighs so that a unilingual development must be implemented in international development to use the development resources of a project as effectively as possi- ble. In individual cases.

In multilingual development groups. The translation is usually carried out in a down- stream translation system and then transported back into the development sys- tem. This original language then enables all persons involved in the development and validation process to use the product at least for testing. The two possible settings for multilingual developer groups — unilingual or multilingual development — meet two different require- ments. EE Usually. In case of a unilingual development in multilingual development groups.

EE When a user logs on to a system in a language different from the original lan- guage. The latter is the reason why English is not claimed as the comprehensive uniform original language of all development projects. This means. On the other hand. Further developments of the ABAP language are either extensions of the existing language attributes to implement new functionality or to replace existing functionality with more advanced concepts.

SAP has committed itself to a policy of strict downward compatibility. In addition. Since the implementation of ABAP some 30 years ago. The replacement of existing language elements with new ones usually makes the existing language elements superfluous or obsolete.

In a multilingual development. Correctness and Quality. Table contents should also be created in a uniform language. With regard to the ABAP language. Note Irrespective of whether you implement a unilingual or multilingual development with a project.

Tip Because the original language is determined by the logon language when a reposi- tory object is created. Obsolete lan- guage elements are only provided for downward compatibility reasons. Modern ABAP 3. Appendix A.

It is also recommended to incrementally change over to newer concepts as they are available. For this reason among others. If a program DOES NOT have the 'ZOPN2ALL' authorization group configured for it, we assume that only certain users should be able to execute it and that other methods of authorization, such as authorization objects are being used to prevent improper use.

Authorizations : Usage of SAP object s For any custom programming using authorization checks, developers must determine whether a standard SAP authorization object should be used, or if a custom object should be developed.

Since the authorization object implementation typically comprises more business-related than technical issues, developers should consult with the business analysts responsible for the application in making this decision.

In any case, use of a 4-digit year is a requirement.

To preserve that compliance, whenever a date is written or read, the year field should contain four digits. The only exception to this standard is reading from or writing to external files, where the year restriction in the external system may be different. However, even in this case, if it is at all possible, it is desirable to allocate four digits for the year in the file layout.

Using this guide for screen design and ergonomics will insure consistency in MIT developed transactions. Hence, any screen painter development should insure that all fields are viewable within that screen size. This corresponds to the SAP default screen size of 21 lines by 83 columns. This is to insure consistency in field conventions and file processing standards. The requirements for the following data elements are: Dates As indicated in the section "Writing dates in reports," dates should use a 4-digit year with certain exceptions.

Printed black and white on 60 offset paper from sustainable sources. Casebound for durability.

Sappress Official Abap Programming Guideline

Reader-friendly serif font Linotype Syntax 9. One-column layout. E-book in black and white. Table of contents, in-text references, and index fully linked. Including online book edition in dedicated reader application. In this book, you'll learn about: General Rules Learn the general principles that you should take into account when you create new programs and classes.

Structure and Style Find the answers to your questions on style, including naming, commenting, and structure of programs and procedures. Architecture Explore guidelines on individual aspects of architecture, such as object orientation, error handling, user interfaces, data storage, and much more.You define the program attributes when you create a program using the corre- sponding tool Class Builder. Search inside document. Sujeet Singh. There are numerous scientific studies on the human-readable design of source codes whose results are summarized in various books, for instance, in Code Complete Microsoft Press, If the calculation is sup- posed to be carried out with packed numbers without any decimal places.

Even without an in-depth object-oriented modeling, application programs benefit from these attributes with regard to stability and maintainability.

Dialog transactions. In den Warenkorb. SAP Press Language: Only when the Unicode checks are activated can you ensure that the program can be exe- cuted both in Unicode systems and in non-Unicode systems and that it provides the same results.

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