The Biolyte V2 Reference Manual is written for healthcare . The Biolyte is a state-of-the-art electrolyte analyzer that test serum, plasma, CSF. General Feature. Designed for those who ask for both economic and accurate electrolyte analyzers. Memory Size up to sets. Chip-controlled reagent system. The Biolyte Quick User Manual is written for healthcare professionals who operate the Biolyte Open the analyzer door.

Biolyte 2000 Electrolyte Analyzer Pdf

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BioCare BIOLYTE Electrolyte Analyzer. Manufacturer: BioCare. • Model: Biolyte • Country of origin • Warranty • Biolyte is accurate and reliable . Biolyte is accurate and reliable with low maintenance Biolyte is ideal for cost saving in all Electrolyte Analyzer - Na+, K+, Cl-, or Li+. Light up your. Electrolyte Analyzer Model: BIOLYTE Condition: New The BIOLYTE electrolyte analyzer requires a sample size of µL blood and µL urine.

They completed subjects a structured questionnaire covering information on age, gender, medical and family history of chronic diseases.

Unpaired t-test was sample was taken in an EDTA coated tube for the estimation done as the test of significant.

For further biochemical statistical significant. Figure 1 shows the correlations of random glucose levels c. Clinical Analysis with Sodium, Potassium and Chlorine levels.

Electrolyte imbalance occurs in diabetes patients from ; 63 3 : Alberti and P. In our present study Part 1: diagnosis and classification of diabetes mellitus, we have found significantly increased levels of Sodium in provisional report of a WHO Consultation. Mcdonnell et al. King, and M. Kavelaars et al.

Cystic Fibrosis

Nitzan and Zelmanovski adults. On the Diabet.

Al-Jameil [4] G. J Med. Shahid, R.

BIOLYTE 2000 Analyzer

Rafique and T. J Pharm. Jameil [6]. Ugwuja Diabetes Patients of Saudi Region.

Wang et. Khalid, S.

Khalid, A. Khaled, H. Roderick, M.

It has Abdul and A. McDonnell, C. Pedreira, B. Vadamalayan, F.

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Elevated serum Chlorine levels were found in diabetes Cameron and G. Al-Jameil showed increased levels of Chlorine in [9] J. Kavelaars, J. Tamsma, and A.

Netherlands Journal of Medicine. In our recent study we have calculated the correlation of [10] T. Saito, S. Ishikawa and M. There were insignificantly positive correlations of uncontrolled in patients with diabetes mellitus.

Al-Jameil reported [11] P. Chlorine [6]. In conclusion, present study showed that Sodium and Chlorine [12] A. Kitabchi, G. Modern science has now revealed that this process of anaerobic cooking used in preparing Herbomineral drugs converts the toxic mega particles of metal into safe and efficacious nanoparticles and even smaller picoparticles which explains the usefulness of Herbomineral drugs as effective medicines for cancer as prophylactic, palliative, curative, and supportive medicaments.

Therefore, Rasayana therapy and its role in cancer management are being screened in almost all leading Ayurveda research institutes in this country. Polyhedral formulations based on Rasayana therapy described in Charaka Samhita showed remarkable improvement in quality of life of various cancer patients who were treated earlier with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

It was also effective in overcoming the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation such as hair loss, weight loss, stomatitis, and xerostomia [ 3 , 4 ]. In the present study the safety and toxicity of Las01 were checked in animals as well as human beings and the therapeutic efficacy of its anticancer activity has been checked on breast cancer cell line MCF-7 and HeLa cervical cancer cell line job Material and Methods 2.


Las01 Herbomineral Anticancer The drug used in the present study was Las01 a Herbomineral preparation prepared by Lavanya Ayurvedic Hospital and Cancer Research Centre by its own manufacturing unit exactly as per the instructions laid down in our ancient Ayurvedic literature [ 5 ].

Accordingly Las01 preparation contains a number of herbs and different types of inorganic minerals such as mercury which has been extensively purified through 75 steps as per Kupipakva Rasayana technique yielding an anticancer drug in the form of bhasma. This Herbomineral drug was standardized by the use of physiochemical properties and transmission electron microscopy.

Animals, Feed, Dose, and Experiment Charles-Foster strains of albino rats of either sex with an average body wt — gm were used in the experiment. The Sagar Institute of Technology and Management Lucknow animal house facility was used; all animal experiments were conducted after getting approval from institutional animal ethics committee of the institute.

The commercial pellet diet and reverse osmosis water for rats were available ad libitum. The study was divided into two phases, acute and subchronic.

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In acute toxicity the animals were sacrificed on the 14th day while in subchronic studies they were sacrificed on the 90th day. During autopsy the shape, size, and colours of internal organ were visually observed for any signs of lesions.So, electrolytes should be measured like age and associated conditions [5]. They were more popular during the period of Lord Buddha due to its faster relief, lesser and convenient doses, and mysterious efficacy as compared to only herbal drugs.

After acclimatization for 14 days, they were divided into control group and experimental group. Murphy and R. Copyright of Biomirror is the property of Xinnovem Publishing Group and its content may not be copied or emailed to multiple sites or posted to a listserv without the copyright holder's express written permission. Las01 Herbomineral Anticancer The drug used in the present study was Las01 a Herbomineral preparation prepared by Lavanya Ayurvedic Hospital and Cancer Research Centre by its own manufacturing unit exactly as per the instructions laid down in our ancient Ayurvedic literature [ 5 ].

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