ASAP Roadmap Structure SAP America , PM Methodology Web Session Page 3 AcceleratedSAP methodology is proven, repeatable and successful. Hi All,. This document will help in getting basic understanding on ASAP Methodology. We'll discuss below points: 1- What is ASAP. ASAP- Accelerated SAP Vanessa Hong What is ASAP? What is ASAP Methodology? ASAP, accelerated SAP implement, means to go through the SAP .

Asap Methodology In Sap Pdf

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ASAP Methodology - Phase 1: Project Preparation. Phase-1 initiates SAP has defined a business blueprint phase to help extract pertinent information about. ASAP Methodology- 1st Phase- Project Preparation - Free download as PDF File .pdf), and other disciplines applied in the implementation of SAP solutions. SAP Project Implementation is made simple by a methodology-package that is This package consists of three components: (1) ASAP Roadmap, (2) Tools.

SAP projects are long and intense.

They require lots of effort and many resources from developers and managers. It can be really tricky if SAP projects are not planned in a proper form.

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SAP itself gives a proper methodology to design the project so it will give reliable results. The ASAP methodology provides the proper framework for an implementation roadmap.

ASAP Methodology divides a project according to these vital phases. Each phase is considered a milestone. The project management team can concentrate on the current phase and start preparing for the next phase. This also provides a better roadmap and work distribution.

The ASAP methodology provides a framework for SAP projects for implementation and enhancement as well for the customization needed for production support. It consists of six steps, the 6 major phases of SAP implementation: Here we are going to discuss all the steps in details.

In ASAP methodology, the project is broken down into six phases. This provides ease in completion and gives an easy focus for the project management team.

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What is SAP? How does SAP software work? Different SAP modules. Presale of ERP.

Basic understanding on ASAP Methodology for beginners

Most clients consider more than one option for their business and then give all options a try to see which one provides the best result.

In most cases, clients get the ERP software license directly from the software companies. This step may or may not include a test to check which ERP system is most suitable for the client.

Once a client decided has decided on its ERP system, then they prepare the landscape of the project.

ASAP Methodology: SAP Implementation Phases

It consists of project managers, a steering committee, core business members, and sponsors. A project team studies legacy systems and gathers information regarding core systems, interfaces, what interfaces the client wants, what is necessary, what is nice to have, etc. The core team carries out "as-is" studying, a study of the current system and its processes. The project management team also hires resources and carries out project planning and outline.

Business Blueprint. In this phase the core team does "GAP analysis," an analysis of the differences between the system as is and the system to be studied. Allocated resources write down the rules and requirements for the new system.

Integration points, interfaces and process maps are finalized. Functional consultants write the functional specification. If needed technical specifications are written down for developers to do further configuration.

A testing team also started working on preparing testing steps and scenarios. Financial specifications and technical specifications are created in this step for further development and configurations.

Anjum Rosy. Accelerated SAP Methodology is proven, repeatable and successful approach to implement SAP solutions across industries and customer environments. Accelerated SAP provides content, tools and expertise from thousands of successful implementations.

Project Preparation 2. Business Blueprint 3.

The Real Story on IT Implementation Methodologies

Realization 4. Final Preparation 5. Project Preparation In the first phase, Project Preparation, it will begin building up a core project team to go through the whole implement process. In this stage, the objectives should be providing initial planning and preparation for the project. The activities in this level are developing core team training plan, defining a change management strategy and plan that identifies key change management activities and support tasks by ASAP phase.

Designing implementation communication plan which will include what to communicate to whom, by whom, through what and at what time will be done in this level. The core team will design project measurement strategy and plan which will support project management in the development of a project measurement scorecard at the same time. To develop project logo and project initiation which is to design a project brand and logo that coordinate the project kickoff is an activity that will be done in this phase too.

The project team may start to order initial hardware. The key deliverables are providing high-level project plan, and organizing the project team. All the things happen in this period are about preparation. Business Blueprint In the second phase, Business Blueprint, the project team will provide formula which is about the detail of the implementation project.

The objective goal is to achieve a common understanding of how the company intends to run SAP to support their business. The result is the Business Blueprint, a detailed documentation of the results gathered requirements workshops. The project team should provide Business Blueprint, workshop, and prototype. In this level, the project team should have implement and modify communication plan which is based in interim feedback.

The team should develop a roles strategy establishing the process by which role profiles will be developed, validated, and tracked and establishing the process by which end user will be matched to roles. In addition, the team should conduct a training needs analysis to assess training needs by functional area, by organizational operating unit, by ERM functionality.

The learning solutions strategy will address building, delivering the learning solution. Realization The next phase, Realization, which is to implement all the business process requirements base on the Business Blueprint. In this level, the project team should have activities as follow, unit test; integration test; FRICE developments, data cleaning, preparation, collection, validation and testing; train the trainer, such as process owner and super users.

The project should develop end user training in accordance with the end user training strategy.

The job role development should work with process teams and security to develop job role profiles identifying role based training, responsibilities, and job impact table. The project team will form job matching teams to assess end users skills, match employees to redesigned jobs and validate job role profiles. The key deliverable in this stage is final user acceptance.

In addition, this step will resolve all critical open issues, on successful completion in the live SAP system.If It Is Not Done If the project risk list is not created and managed, the project team will not have a complete picture of project risks, impacts, and response strategies.

The key to successful landscape planning and operation is an accurate and complete description of the solution landscape itself with all business processes. Final Preparation In the forth phase, Final Preparation, it will complete the final preparation which include testing, end user testing, system management and cutover activities, to finalize the readiness to go live.

Placement in ASAP methodology

It ensures alignment between SAP, the customers strategic direction, and the satisfactio n of operational requirements. Expected Results By completing the interface inventory deliverable correctly, the project team captures the information needed to effectively plan and manage future integration tasks and activities. The roadmap is structured as a work breakdown structure WBS that represents a complete list of deliverables that need to be completed by the project team.

The complexity rises even further with the trend of outsourcing process components. Thus, a defined project team training strategy has a direct impact on the success of the project.

This is often needed and legitimate.

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