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Because somewhere between I love yous and Never Nevers and Never Agains, a truth they can't Colleen Hoover, Tarryn Fisher - Never Never Part Never Never Series by Colleen Hoover, Tarryn Fisher. Never Never #1 by Colleen KB. Never Never #2 by Colleen Hoover. This Pin was discovered by Tabushah. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

Never Never Series

I will always be mad at Colleen and Tarryn for dividing this story in three ridiculously short parts! It was too short, I started it at It wasn't enough!!!

I love this story. View all 4 comments. Jan 11, Casey rated it really liked it Shelves: Why the fuck would we read Part 2 of an unfinished series, knowing damn well there's a Part 3 coming? Why didn't we learn from reading the first book that ended with a cliffhanger? I'm a little angry once I'm done with this book. Mostly confused, but partially angry.

This series is one giant puzzle I'm dying to solve and I'm nowhere near of figuring out the answers.

I can hear myself asking "But why? It's like a broken record playing in my Edited: It's like a broken record playing in my head. This book picks up from the cliffhanger in the previous book where Silas was leaving himself notes before he loses his memory again. Charlie was nowhere to be found and Silas was left to figure out everything by himself.

At least he has the notes in plain sight this time. And so begins "The Adventure of Silas Nash and the Many Notes" , an epic story of a boy stealing, hiding, reading, sorting, throwing and collecting notes that contains clues of his life and a girl named Charlie. Because it's mostly Silas doing all the investigative work! In the first book we learned about Silas and Charlie and their lives before they started to lose memory.

Other than that, nada. I like this book. It's simple and easy to follow. But you can only handle so much teasing before you explode and go crazy.

But don't go blaming Colleen and Tarryn when you're frustrated once you've reached the end of this book. I told you not to read it. At least, not until the series is complete. View all 12 comments.

The mystery is intriguing and the background on both characters has been built upon so bring on January 19th and blow me away with all the connections and answers! View all 53 comments. After - Jan 28, While almost everyone is pissed off with the third and last part, I didn't really like this part.

Nothing happens.

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And the MCs were separated for the whole time. Before - Jan 10, View 2 comments. Apr 08, Paula M. Might pick it up again when the final installment is out but at this point, I really don't care about anything or anyone anymore.

I'm not pissed.. I just Peace out!

View all 10 comments. Why they keep losing their memories and what did happen between them and with their families in the past that could have originated all of this? When what was supposed to 3,5 Confusing Stars.

When what was supposed to be a stand-alone suddenly turned into a series I accepted. Yes, we had more answers about what really happened between them in the past, but still, almost nothing about the present.

It was just a big mess of random confusing events. I was expecting more… I needed more! Will I read the next book? Sensible Subjects: Oh, yet again. May 17, Pearl Angeli rated it it was amazing Shelves: Never stop loving me. Never Never. That was one helluvah crazy ride! This novella was a lot better than the first because I finally found some answers that I was craving since the first installment, though I admit I'm still not satisfied.

Even though CoHo and Tarryn revealed some of the unknown, still-- I can feel that there are a lot more to unravel. All throughout the book, I was too compelled because it simply sucked me right in. It totally picked my interest from page 1 up to the last. My favorite of this novella is of course, Silas's POV. I love him. I love every moment I'm in his head like seriously, the humor and the sexiness combined into one. Very well executed by these two amazing authors!

Everything that happened between Charlie and Silas was a mess!

But it was perfectly built with loads of adrenaline-pulling scenes. And when I finally got into that ending, I was like I was too freaking nervous like what the heck??

I need Never Never: Buddyread with the super duper lovely AJ Rating: View all 28 comments. Jan 10, Isabelle rated it really liked it Shelves: Jan 10, Laz rated it liked it Recommends it for: I can't help feel a little disappointed by the follow-up to the first novella. It lacked the thrill and suspense the first one had, no, not lacked.

It was there, just more subtly.. We didn't get any answers to questions, and I sure as hell expected to at least get some clue or maybe make a guess at what's possibly going on. I mean, losing memories every 48 hours at the same time, it's creepy and inexplicably unless it's paranormal stuff, but there's no other indication whatsoever that this has a I can't help feel a little disappointed by the follow-up to the first novella.

I mean, losing memories every 48 hours at the same time, it's creepy and inexplicably unless it's paranormal stuff, but there's no other indication whatsoever that this has anything to do with the supernatural.. I'm just frustrated, I would have just preferred it if this was a full novella, and not novellas being published every once in a while.

I'm a big fan of Hoover's and that one book of Fisher's I've read, I loved. Jan 11, Srikari rated it really liked it. Are you trying to terrorize my mind?! May 16, Angela rated it it was amazing Shelves: I need more Silas I need more Charlie and I sure as hell need more answers! View all 8 comments. Y inmaduros.

Ya voy por el tercero. Jan 18, Beth Hudspeth rated it liked it Shelves: Never stop, Never forget. I feel like I'm in Never Never Land. I still haven't figured anything out. I'm super confused, but I guess that's part of the appeal. The mystery. Silas is back with some help from himself this time. Charlie is still missing and Silas is doing everything he can to find her with the little knowledge he has. He seems to be uncovering some things in their past. He has found some journals.

He has his brother to help him.

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Figure this shit out. We kn Never stop, Never forget. We know a little more than we did in part one, but not much. This is turning out to be a sweet love story between Silas and Charlie. The journal entries show just how much they thought of each other and how in love they really were. Finished this in a matter of hours. Oh and massive cliffhanger Jan 11, Debra rated it really liked it Shelves: Loved it! Except for the fact that it once again ended with a cliffhanger Can't wait for book 3!

I am speechless. I can't even Expect for a cliffhanger, but this is a better cliffhanger than the previous one. This is making me crazy. I'm really impressed of how this turned out. There are some hints and pieces in this crazy puzzle, but it's not enough to answer all my questions. At least, I have a little idea of what's happening between Silas and Charlie.

A part of me doesn't trust ANY of the side characters because I feel there's something weird is going to happen. I don't know why I get that feeling. I only trust Silas and Charlie to fix whatever suspenseful, rivalry between their fathers and their own issues. I can't wait for the third one. I'm ready on whatever surprise Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher will write and this is whole idea is crazy genius.

I just love these two authors! I would have liked it if it were toned down a little more, but I can't deny that I enjoyed it. As short as each of these audiobooks are, the story doesn't seem rushed at all. I wouldn't have minded a little more information on Charlie's escape and some sort of revenge against her captors. I thought that particular aspect of the story was a bit anti-climactic.

Overall, I'm still very interested in finding out what happened to Charlie and Silas.

This story continues to hold my interest, even if this book seemed to get a little crazier. This is hugely ironic given the ease with which so many other computer applications use different fonts.

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I have to admit I have a particular aversion to writing in my print books, and prefer to keep them in as pristine a condition as possible. But on occasion, I do like to underline passages that I want to refer back to again. Other readers, however, are more wanton with their treatment of books and jot lots of detailed notes in the margins, underline large chunks of text, and otherwise do what they please with it. With ebooks, the most I can do is very neatly highlight passages using one of four different colors.

Since I've switched to reading ebooks at home my kids and my wife assume I'm surfing the internet and checking my LinkedIn notifications on my latest articles and updates.

While that is partially true, I often have to show them that I'm in fact reading a book, a more noble and productive activity of course.

When I read print books it's immediately transparent what I am doing, and I like to think it sets a good example for my kids. Besides the crisp, delicate, yet firm feel of the pages of a book, I also like to take a gentle whiff of the thing.

The memories and associations that are triggered by such an act are random and sudden, and that's why I like the sensation. Sort of like getting a quick physical high from the scent of the book, before I've plunged in and gotten my intellectual high from the ideas and images within. While I have a hard time ascribing specific descriptive adjectives to the smells that emanate from my hard and softcover books, a couple of very diligent researchers have recently figured out a way to systematically categorize and describe how books smell.

In graduate school, one of our libraries displayed an original copy of the Gutenberg Bible in a glass-enclosed case. Many decades later, on my first trip to Israel with my family, I came within inches of the Dead Sea scrolls: Visible, tangible evidence that a print manuscript could survive the wear and tear of millennia.If you want to follow me, my username is colleenhoover pretty much everywhere except my email, which is colleenhooverbooks gmail.

Never Never Series

I can't say I'm surprised, but I sure am relieved that I waited to read this one. I'm super confused, but I guess that's part of the appeal.

She must love to write. While I have a hard time ascribing specific descriptive adjectives to the smells that emanate from my hard and softcover books, a couple of very diligent researchers have recently figured out a way to systematically categorize and describe how books smell.

And what was with that card? How dare you, Silas! I'd have a complete bookgasm

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