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After comparing DNA from both Sarada and the umbilical cord, the test seemingly reveals that Karin is Sarada's real mother. A Naruto Spin-off!

Itachi spinoff, involving his girlfriend, Shisui, his mission as a double turned triple agent, and a detailed recount of the Uchiha massacre, Orochimaru's speech disgusts Sarada and Sasuke demands to know Shin's whereabouts, to which Orochimaru agrees to tell him so Sasuke can kill Shin for him. While changing rooms for more information on where to find Shin, Sarada gets Suigetsu's attention, and they sneak away from the rest of the group.

However, Sasuke, taking notice of her Sharingan, mistakes her for Shin's comrade and draws his sword, frightening Sarada. As Sasuke cares for Sakura's injuries, Sarada watches, realising there is love between her parents.

Meanwhile, without any leads to go on after Sakura's capture, Naruto's group decide to meet with Orochimaru and ask him what he knows about the situation.

Wait, do you think Suigetsu ever apologised to Sarada?

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