Electrical Engineering Objective Type (Questions & Answers) By bilgedumarre.gq – Book PDF Free Download [PDF] Electrical Engineering Objective Type. Electrical Engineering: Objective Type published by Satya Prakashan in the year is a book consisting of over 10, I am Bilal Nasir Certified Engineer under Washington Accord Address: Islamabad Pakistan Current Electricity 1. The S.I. unit of power is (a) Henry (b) coulomb.

Electrical Engineering Objective Type Book Pdf

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electrical engineering multiple choice questions and answers pdf download EEE objective questions books lab viva,online test,quiz for. Book FormatPDF. Language Electrical Engineering Objective Type Questions is available for free download in PDF format. Related PDF Books. Viva Voce in. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING OBJECTIVE TYPE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS . Y.D sharma hindi medium diploma book or Arihant ITI book.

AC Machine Winding 9. Illumination Industrial wiring. Please send me question and answer please……….. E Electrical,so please Send me Electrical related Pdf if you have.

With regards, Ramji Ahir, ahirramji gmail. Material…my exam is soon…i will eagarly wait for your response…. God bless. Sir can u send me the pdf format i have test soon waleedkhan hotmail. Sir, please send me all MCQs in pdf? Respected sir, Plz send all electrical mcq in pdf. Mail id-sanket. Sir can you provide all in PDF format. Please sent me silambarasand01 gmail. Dear sir, Please send me all electrical engineering question in pdf format to my mail id: Hi,sir Also provide me all electrical question and answer objective in pdf format I complited diploma..

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Sir please send me in pdf format all electrical job exams related objective questions with answer in my mail paul. Please send me all chapter questions in pdf format friends I have exam in Aug so I request u to send as soon as possible. Great collection of question… please send me these all que in pdf in my mail id manojkumarsahu gmail. May I request from u a copy of the above chapter with answers in pdf format to my email address please angcy76 yahoo.

Dear sir please send me the question and answers of Electrical engineering in pdf format to this email sachinraj. Any one who send me these all question in pdf formate. I shall be very thankful to him.. Dear Sir plz send me all topics of electrical engineering in pdf format i am preparing for mahatransco my email id is surajk gmail. Hello sir can you pls send me all above topics in pdf format to my mail email id: Hello sir can you pls send me all above topics in pdf format to my mail id.

Electrical Engineering Objective Type Questions

Hello sir, Its very good job sir. Can pls send me all above topics to me in per. It will help me to study for the comparative exams. Dear Sir, I am preparing for Astt. Engineers at State level. Dear Sir, Plz mail me all objective type questions answers of electrical engineering. Lukman gmail. Sir please send me in pdf format… Electrical and basic electronics questions… My email?

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Can you please send me all question answer in pdf format on kasale. Pls send me electrical engineering questions and answers… Pls in pdf. My mail is adejumoadeoye89 yahoo. Sir please send me electrical and electronic questions and answer to my email yvedprakashee gmail. Sir please send me the question and ans at pdf formate my email is prvn gmail. Three bulbs rated as w,v , w,v and w,v are connected in series across a vlots power supply, the total power consumed by series connection is??

Dear sir please you solution send me on Email: Email id- roneyjatt35 gmail. Hi sir , i am preparing for shipping company wriiten exam so please if you have send me pdf the topics are both engineering and aptitude, 1. Two stroke and four stroke, 2. Marine auxilery machinery 3. E curriculam , aptitude tests are 1.

Pattern recognition 5. Dear sir plz send me important questions for electrical and electronics engineering…thank you sir boddupalli. Dear Sir, Its really amazing and helpful material for we fresh graduates.. Please send me the questions and answers related electrical engineering and electronics in pdf format..

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Electrical Engineering Objective Type by A.Handa And M.Handa PDF Free Download

Email id- Venkat2deee gmail. Sir please send me pdf abhijeet. Respected sir, i am not able to see following topics questions. Branch, Loop and Node Analyses 2. Alternating Current and Voltage 3. Inductors 4. Series Circuits 5. RLC Circuits and Resonance 7. Time Response of Reactive Circuits 8.

Circuit Theorems and Conversions 9. Quantities and Units. Respected sir, I really need these objective papers of electrical engineering. Please sir send those. With regards. Sir please send me the PDF files of all topics related to electrical and electronics and MCQ with answers to my email is raju.

Sir all questions are very important kindly send these questions and answers in pdf my mail id is kishorpatil gmail. I got these question in engineering competitive exam. If now 40 W bulb is replaced by W bulb, the heater output will a decrease b increase c remain same d heater will burn out Ans: In an electric kettle water boils in 10 m minutes. It is required to boil the boiler in 15 minutes, using same supply mains a length of heating element should be decreased b length of heating element should be increased c length of heating element has no effect on heating if water d none of the above Ans: An electric filament bulb can be worked from a D.

Resistance of a tungsten lamp as applied voltage increases a decreases b increases c remains same d none of the above Ans: Electric current passing through the circuit produces a magnetic effect b luminous effect c thermal effect d chemical effect e all above effects Ans: Resistance of a material always decreases if a temperature of material is decreased 6 temperature of material is increased c number of free electrons available become more d none of the above is correct Ans: If the efficiency of a machine is to be high, what should be low?

When electric current passes through a metallic conductor, its temperature rises. This is due to a collisions between conduction electrons and atoms b the release of conduction electrons from parent atoms c mutual collisions between metal atoms d mutual collisions between conducting electrons Ans: Two bulbs of W and W rated at V will have resistance ratio as a 4: A glass rod when rubbed with silk cloth is charged because a it takes in proton b its atoms are removed c it gives away electrons d it gives away positive charge Ans: Whether circuit may be AC.

When one leg of parallel circuit is opened out the total current will a reduce b increase c decrease d become zero Ans: In a lamp load when more than one lamp are switched on the total resistance of the load a increases b decreases c remains same d none of the above Ans: Two lamps W and 40 W are connected in series across V alternating. Which of the following statement is correct? Resistance of V, W lamp will be a 4.

In the case of direct current a magnitude and direction of current remains constant b magnitude and direction of current changes with time c magnitude of current changes with time d magnitude of current remains constant Ans: When electric current passes through a bucket full of water, lot of bubbling is observed. This suggests that the type of supply is a A. Resistance of carbon filament lamp as the applied voltage increases.

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Bulbs in street lighting are all connected in a parallel b series c series-parallel d end-to-end Ans: For testing appliances, the wattage of test lamp should be a very low b low c high d any value Ans: Switching of a lamp in house produces noise in the radio. This is because switching operation produces a arcs across separating contacts b mechanical noise of high intensity c both mechanical noise and arc between contacts d none of the above Ans: Sparking occurs when a load is switched off because the circuit has high a resistance b inductance c capacitance d impedance Ans: When resistance element of a heater fuses and then we reconnect it after removing a portion of it, the power of the heater will a decrease b increase c remain constant d none of the above Ans: A field of force can exist only between a two molecules b two ions c two atoms d two metal particles Ans: A substance whose molecules consist of dissimilar atoms is called a semi-conductor b super-conducto c compound d insulator Ans: International ohm is defined in terms of the resistance of a a column of mercury b a cube of carbon c a cube of copper d the unit length of wire Ans: Three identical resistors are first connected in parallel and then in series.

Which method can be used for absolute measurement of resistances? Three 6 ohm resistors are connected to form a triangle. What is the resistance between any two corners? Ohm's law is not applicable to a semi- conductors b D. Two copper conductors have equal length. The cross-sectional area of one conductor is four times that of the other. If the conductor having smaller cross- sectional area has a resistance of 40 ohms the resistance of other conductor will be a ohms b 80 ohms c 20 ohms d 10 ohms Ans: For a heater of 1 kW at V, the length of wire required will be a 80 m b 60 m c 40 m d 20 m Ans: Which of the following materials has the least resistivity?

When current flows through heater coil it glows but supply wiring does not glow because a current through supply line flows at slower speed b supply wiring is covered with insulation layer c resistance of heater coil is more than the supply wires d supply wires are made of superior material Ans: The condition for the validity under Ohm's law is that a resistance must be uniform b current should be proportional to the size of the resistance c resistance must be wire wound type d temperature at positive end should be more than the temperature at negative end Ans: A rheostat differs from potentiometer in the respect that it a has lower wattage rating b has higher wattage rating c has large number of turns d offers large number of tapping Ans: An open resistor, when checked with an ohm-meter reads a zero b infinite c high but within tolerance d low but not zero I am Bilal Nasir Certified Engineer under Washington Accord Address: All good conductors have high a conductance b resistance c reluctance d thermal conductivity Ans: Satya Prakashan is a publisher of academic books in India.

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Other Usefu l Links. Your Comments About This Post.Dear Sir All questions are valuable and effective for competitive exam,I have done B. In a series circuit with unequal resistances a the highest resistance has the most of the current through it b the lowest resistance has the highest voltage drop c the lowest resistance has the highest current d the highest resistance has the highest voltage drop Ans: d It becomes more difficult to remove I am Bilal Nasir Certified Engineer under Washington Accord Address: Islamabad Pakistan a any electron from the orbit 6 first electron from the orbit c second electron from the orbit d third electron from the orbit Ans: d Dear sir Can you send me PDF files in my mail id.

You have no Q resistor but have several Q ones which you would connect a two in parallel b two in parallel and one in series c three in parallel d three in series Ans: b I want to prepare for govt.

What is the resistance between any two corners? Out of the following which is an insulating material? Sir engineer can I please ask for a pdf file of all this Objective questions in electrical engineering It would be very helpful in my studies..

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